Snow Box Derby Programs are HERE

The 27th Annual Snow Box Derby is just around the corner! And the Good Folks at The Good Life have been busy publishing the Annual Program! These programs are FREE, can be picked up at most local retailers and restaurants, and contain: local business ads, coupons, schedule of events, and everything you need to know about Snow Box Derby! Thank you to all of our contributing sponsors for making this annual event possible – we appreciate YOU! See you all on The Hill! 

Annual Member Gathering and Outstanding Business Awards was a success!

Another Outstanding Business Awards is in the books! Thank you to all that could attend, and for all of the positive feedback. It was a great breakfast in great company. We managed to surprise our Citizen of the Year, Yvonne Mallak! For more information about our annual events, check out our calendar, email or call 989-739-7322.Thank you for your generous donation!

Awards were presented to the following:

Innovation: The Brick Oven

Community Involvement: United Methodist Church

Excellence: Camp Inn Lodge

Hospitality: F-41 Laundromat

Community Service: Lions Club

Citizen of the Year: Yvonne Mallak

2016 Citizen of the Year Yvonne Mallak